“Synthetic Flies, Flies with an ‘Edited Hackle’ and Catch the Hatch”

I am very pleased to announce that I (www.ReelLinesPress.com) am publishing Synthetic Flies, Flies with an “Edited Hackle” & Catch the Hatch by John Betts. This book is a compilation of three of John’s privately published early works that have become rare gems in fly tying literature.

John is credited with the introduction of synthetic materials in fly tying in the early 1970s (in fact, his tailing material, Microfibetts, is still popular today and was named by him). John also predicted the possibility of a shortage of quality hackle back in the 1970s. Little did he know that the shortage … Continue Reading

Book Publishing

I just realized that I haven’t blogged about book publishing! Many readers of this EG blog know that I authored The Reelsmith’s Primer (TRP) a few years ago. Whitefish Press published this book and I’ve become friends with Todd Larson (owner/publisher). I thought about publishing TRP myself but really enjoyed the collaboration with Todd and I learned a lot during the process.

Flash forward a year when  my friend John Betts told me about his unpublished work Reels & Making Them (RAMT) and sent a chapter to take a … Continue Reading

First day with iPhone 5

I upgrade my iPhone each year when the new model comes out. Partly because I’m a gadget junky and partly because I like living on the cutting edge! The iPhone 5 was no exception. I ordered mine online from the ATT store and it arrived right on schedule yesterday morning – no camping out, waiting in line, or even leaving the house!

The phone came in Apple’s typical packaging – simple and attractive. Inside is the phone, peer adapter and head set. Firstly, the iPhone 5 is noticeably longer, thinner and LIGHTER. I mean much lighter. It really feels perfect in my … Continue Reading

About “The Eclectic Angler”

I’ll start my renewed “serendipity” blogging with a post about a small business I created three years ago – The Eclectic Angler (TEA). I’ve posted a bit of information about The Eclectic Angler in the past but haven’t followed up about it.

The Eclectic Angler, like most things I do, serves multiple purposes! It originally started as a way for me to offer my book, The Reelsmith’s Primer, and a “materials package” so … Continue Reading

Blogging – Wow!

I started this blog a few years ago primarily to capture my own ideas and thoughts but also to share them with others. Being an “EclecticGuy” I have a lot of (odd, strange, interesting) hobbies and interests. Like many bloggers, I did get a bit of blog-burnout the last couple of years and the number of new posts slowed. However, during this time I’ve been very active on a number of related forums like the Reelsmithing Forum, the Classic Fly Rod Forum, CNCZone, and a few others. I realize I migrated to where others … Continue Reading

More Reelbuilding Resources & Information

Wow, I get lots of hits on my reel building posts! It has been a very interesting couple of years. I wrote The Reelsmith’s Primer to teach others how to build reels. That led to making and selling kits and starting my company The Eclectic Angler. I also conduct Reelsmithing Workshops all around the country – over 150 anglers attended my workshops this year (2011). Here are some additional resources if you are interested in building your own reels:

The Eclectic Angler … Continue Reading

Converting a Micro Mark MiniMill to CNC

I frequent a number of forums on a variety of topics. One in particular – CNCZone.com, or “zone” to its members – has been a great resource for me in learning machining skills and converting my MicroMark mini mill to CNC (computer numeric control). Here is a photo of the basic mill before conversion:

These mills are made in China and fall in to the class of Seig X2 mini mills. They are quite capable little machines especially once converted to CNC. I keep a log on my CNC … Continue Reading

Making interactive demos with balsamiq Mockups

Since moving my hosting provider last year, all of the links to the demo files for my post on Assembling Demos from balsamiq Mockups have been unavailable. I still get lots of requests for these files so I dug them out of my backup archives and reposted them! So, the links on the original pages should work now. If not, please let me know.

Also, I’ve included the actual demo I put together here: Shrugh and I’ve zipped all of the files including the balsamiq source and made it available here: BalsamiqDemosDemo.zip.

Hopefully that will help … Continue Reading

Wow, it has been a while since I’ve posted here!

My small business, www.EclecticAngler.com has really occupied a lot of my time! Turns out that reelsmithing books and build-it-yourself reel kits are quite popular! I’ve also put some time in to figuring out the infrastructure to support a home based business and learned quite a bit about how to do it organically (i.e. only spend what you make). I do intend to write about my experiences in the upcoming year.

Meanwhile, my most frequented posts this year have been the Pumpkin Borani Recipe and 19th Century New York Reel Reproduction. But my posts on … Continue Reading

My first book published on Apple’s iBooks!

I’ll be posting how I created the ePub version of The Reelsmith’s Primer in a future post but it’s done and now published on iBooks! I used this experience to really dig in and understand the electronic publishing process from start to finish. I began with my original manuscript (in Apple’s Pages format) and converted it to ePub with Sigil. I applied for and became approved as an iBooks publisher and then helped my publisher set up his account on iTunesConnect also. Finally, I uploaded the book and entered all of the required information (pricing in … Continue Reading